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Greetings for the day!

Most often, predatory academic spam email goes in the trash folder without much of a read, but peertechz  (“Our vision is to provide a global platform for open journals to promote qualitative research publications for Science, Engineering, Technology and Medicine, with an un-restricted access“) is special.

938eabf6cc88df9a6f72404b93f72dad44f3191d986a74c104bf52741b676712It’s not because they cheerfully open with “Greetings for the day!” – no, that is somewhat passe – indeed, they should use a minimum of three exclamation marks in their greeting. In this business, one exclamation mark is necessary, but not sufficient. Even OMICS are ahead of you:

Greetings from Journal of Metabolic Syndrome!!

and look at JScholar go…

Greetings for the day…!!

No, it’s not that, it’s the ridiculous snort-inducing gushing

Peertechz salutes you for your compendium of writings which immensely help the global society and their descendants understand and shed light on and about Peertechz Journal of Computer Science and Engineering. Your published manuscripts are evidence that you have innate ability and prodigies for research and writing.


Well, thanks for the salute, but it’s really unnecessary. My “compendium” is yet modest, and will be of no help at all to “understanding and shedding light on and about Peertechz Journal of Computer Science and Engineering“. Really, what on earth are you thinking?

…and “Innate ability and prodigies“? – sure, I was born with a PhD. No sweat.

But then again, we know that to gain the affection of an elegant author like you, we require some unmatchable spheres. So, here we are for you with some BiggestTesticlesexpounding uniqueness:

unmatchable spheres“? – really, it’s impossible not to giggle and imagine an impressive pair of testes… I assure you that your spheres will do little to gain my affection, no matter how unmatchable, or uniquely expounded. Please keep them to yourself.

Join your writing ambitions with us and we assure that your manuscripts reach maximum hands. We invite you passionately to join Peertechz family.

Thanks for the invite. I truly appreciate your passion, albeit misplaced.

Please Note: This is not a spam message and has been sent to you because of your eminence in the field. This email and any attachment may contain private and confidential information. Do not share without Peertechz.com’s approval. If you have received this message in error, please notify the sender and delete the email and any attachment. If you do not want to hear from us please reply unsubscribe.

Of course it is spam, silly. I have have a better approach, I’ll add “*@peertechz.com” and “peertechz@gmail.com” to my junk email processing rules, and share your nonsense to immensely help the  global society and their decendants.

Yours innately,